Sustainability Report 2023


BioNTech’s fourth sustainability report captivates with new clarity. Contrary to previous publications, illustrations have been largely dispensed with in favour of concise, stylish typography. Frames and areas with a coloured background give the content structure lead the reader’s eye. Colour coding to guide the reader through the chapters has been refined and slightly varied. Spotlight pages provide a deep dive into supplementary narrative content and break up longer text passages. The interactive PDF in 16:9 format highlights the contemporary, innovative spirit of the company through form and colour.

Services: Design concept and realisation, copywriting, creation of the sustainability report

Together with our partners, we are advancing
towards our first commercial-scale mRNA facility
in Africa, as a cornerstone of our joint vision of a
sustainable health future. I would like to express
my gratitude to our local and international partners
for their contributions to this joint effort, as well
as to the entire BioNTech team for their dedicated
work which made this inauguration possible.