Annual and Sustainability Reports 2022

Cewe Stiftung

For the fourth time, we comprehensively supportedthe CEWE Stiftungin preparing its annual and sustainability reports. The harmonious appearance of both reports wasfacilitatedthis year by uniform visual language. While the annual report contains extensive mandatory disclosures anda more freely designed front section, the sustainability report supplements reporting with non-financial topics and presents the CEWE Stiftung’s commitment. Both reports are published in German and English as interactive PDFs.

Services: Layout and concept (further development), implementation of the annual and sustainability reports in two languages, process control and translation management, project management, sustainability consulting and related text creation and editing, as well as the creation of charts.

“Nowadays, people want to go to work with a
clear conscience and sustainability plays a
central role in that regard. For this reason alone,
we try to actively communicate the progress
that we make.”

Thomas Mehls