Microsite, Corporate and Financial Report 2021


In their seventh year of working with HGB, NürnbergMesse is now presenting its story and background information for the first time in the form of a microsite. Supported by animations and videos, the site presents the company’s innovative and sustainable activities online. At the same time, the most important content is published in a printed company report, which stands out because of its unusual portrait-mode layout. NürnbergMesse’s reporting universe is rounded off by a financial report, presented as an interactive PDF in landscape format – the so-called Fiscal Year.

Services: Storytelling; concept, design and preparation of the microsite; concept, design and preparation of the corporate report as well as the Fiscal Year, all prepared in two languages, print production

“Sustainability will be the
yardstick for the trade fair
industry’s future viability. We
bear a responsibility, and we’re
keeping our sights confidently
trained on our goals.”

Peter Ottmann, CEO

“Trade fairs as a business model
are healthy and strong – as
was impressively demonstrated
by our restart in 2021. Now
we need to link the in-person
experience with digital added
value in our trade fair concepts.”

Prof. Dr. Roland Fleck, CEO