Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2023

CEWE Group

All in blue? The rebranded CEWE Group presents itself in its latest company reports with an entirely revamped corporate design. Instead of red, blue and blue-violet tones are now the dominant colours. It’s a bold move that has paid off. The reports are the first publications implementing the new design world. It makes us a little proud that we could provide support to make this happen! The reports are also growing even more similar in terms of design – a preview of what’s to come next year when there’ll be one integrated annual report instead of a separate annual report and sustainability report to fulfil CSRD compliance. We’re looking forward to helping with this exciting next step.

Services: Layout and concept (further development), realisation of the annual report and sustainability report in two languages, process control incl. translation management, project management, sustainability consulting and related text creation and editing, creation of charts

We have made great
progress particularly in
product development
across the entire business
group last year.“

Thomas Mehls