Sharpening up

The topic of sustainability is a growing concern, not just for society as a whole but also for us as a specialized agency for high-quality reporting. We believe it is appropriate and credible for us to have our own sustainability performance scrutinized objectively. In 2022, we underwent an assessment for the EcoVadis sustainability rating for the first time. But we’re ambitious – so we sharpened up our organization and strategy ahead of the 2023 assessment. The result: an outstanding gold medal! Here you can find out more about how we turned silver into gold …


Turning silver into gold

Anyone who advises others on sustainability should be ready to subject themselves to the same high standards. No sooner said than done: HGB underwent the EcoVadis sustainability rating in 2022. EcoVadis is a platform for companies that evaluates various sustainability aspects according to strict criteria.

Clear guide to action for all

The year 2022 yielded HGB a decent silver medal and some valuable suggestions for improvement. We took these to heart and used them as a basis to refine our management system. Our new corporate policy now serves as a clear guideline for all employees. We have concrete goals and actions to measure ourselves against. “By evaluating our performance internally and externally according to clearly defined criteria, we can continuously improve HGB,” says Peter Poppe, Managing Partner and Head of Sustainability.

Among the top 5 percent

This is also how the EcoVadis jury saw it and awarded HGB the gold medal for 2023. We made improvements in all categories (environment, labor & human rights, and ethics), resulting in a high score that placed us among the top 5 percent of companies evaluated by EcoVadis.

Taking corporate responsibility seriously

For Peter Poppe, the good EcoVadis rating was a welcome incentive to continue finetuning the internal processes. “With the change in our business model, in which sustainability reporting is becoming increasingly important, the EcoVadis certification is a strong confirmation for us. It shows that we not only support the corporate responsibility of our customers, but also take it seriously ourselves and implement it in a targeted manner.”

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Integrity Star: A sign of quality in sustainability reporting

There is no shortage of awards – including in the field of sustainability reporting. So what makes the new Integrity Star Award so special? The name says it all: the highest standards of integrity, transparency and objectivity are what make this award stand out. Instead of using a jury, reports are assessed in a completely unbiased manner based on a scoring system of around 4,000 variables. We think this is an exciting concept for assessing the quality of sustainability reporting – and why we are involved as a partner.

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“A marathon that pays off in the long run”

ESG, CSRD, Green Deal – short words with a big impact. Regulatory requirements and reporting in the area of sustainability are increasingly on the minds of companies. The days when this was a “nice-to-have” topic are certainly over. The new requirements mean that substance counts more than ever when presenting corporate sustainability performance. A bothersome obligation or a huge opportunity? Peter Poppe has a clear opinion on this matter and explains it in an interview with Tonno Digitale, a blog for B2B PR and digital corporate communications.

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A two-pack punch

Around the turn of the year, we strengthened our team with two new experts: Ute Kollross, who started on December 1, 2023 as Project Manager, to be followed by Kristina Röver in mid-January, also as Project Manager. Welcome, both of you!

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Why only substance counts

It’s less and less about the narrative, and more and more about the facts. Under this motto, around 30 participants at the HGB event “sustainability – it counts” discussed why the future of sustainability management and communication will be about stringency, substance and transparency. After a lively day full of exchange, interaction and insights, employees, clients and representatives of HGB’s partner companies all agreed that the pilot project had been a success and would like to see it repeated next year!

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Where’s the story?

Is CSRD becoming a storytelling spoiler in sustainability reporting? HGB Managing Director Peter Poppe explores this question in his guest article in the current issue of new business, a trade magazine for communication and media. Poppe is certain that the new EU standard will fundamentally change sustainability reporting. He’s also certain that there’s always room for compelling corporate stories – what’s needed is just the right concepts and formats.

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Under the spotlight

Where are the trends in reporting headed? As an agency specializing in corporate reporting, naturally this is something we always precisely want to know. To find out, we take a look at the annual and sustainability reports of SDAX, MDAX and DAX40 companies every year. Once again, we have compiled the results in detail in the extensive HGB Reporting Compass – You can read the key findings of the analysis here.

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Getting a taste of the real world

Maxi Kohrt and Anna Juling, both work students, are a breath of fresh air at HGB. They support our team with a wide range of tasks and are getting familiar with reporting processes hands-on. Welcome, and we hope you enjoy your time with us!

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A complete set of medals

Gold, silver and bronze: all made an appearance at the ARC Awards 2023! Five of our customers landed at the top at this year’s “Reporting Oscars”. All in all, there were 10 reasons to celebrate: 2x gold, 4x silver and 4x bronze for the 2022 reporting year, all from the house of HGB. We congratulate our customers and thank them for their excellent cooperation!

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Together at the starting line

With fresh ideas, we have won over two fantastic new clients. We are very proud to be supporting ARAG SE and DIC Asset AG with our services in the 2023 reporting season. Smart concepts and creative design are in demand. The HGB team is ready at the starting line to dive into the topics of the insurance and real estate worlds! We are looking forward to these exciting collaborations.

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5 pillars – 5 heads

Reporting, sustainability, design, digital and content: these are the five pillars of our service offering. To make these capabilities even more accessible internally as well as externally, each of them now has a responsible head. By assigning each core topic a specific contact person, we ensure a clear line of responsibility and efficient processes. The new team of five work closely together and bring the best ideas from HGB to the table. This approach makes us confident that we are well-positioned for the challenges in our business. Curious about who these five “heads of” are? Then continue reading here …

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At “fure”/The Future of Reading

Just because it’s peak season in the reporting business, doesn’t mean we are missing out on anything new and exciting. In March, we visited the fure design conference on the future of reading – 10 hours. 13 contributions. 200 designers, media professionals and creatives. Our impression: The topics and participants were refreshingly diverse. The atmosphere was stimulating and open – and so were the in-depth discussions and networking.

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New year, new colleague

The HGB graphics team received reinforcement in January. Martin Baars – a true “Hamburg boy” with extensive agency and corporate experience – has a soft spot for design, brings stamina and a dash of punk to the agency. We will be making good use of him in current and future annual reporting seasons. Welcome aboard!

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Team player

What a corporate report and a muesli bar have in common, why van life is the new ski vacation, how it feels to hand over the captain’s role, and what her favorite adjectives are – Christa Eickmeyer tells us this and more in an interview that includes a look back at 25 years of HGB along the way.

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Taking off in a new position

Good performance pays off – this is also true at HGB, and why two employees were internally “upgraded” in December 2022. Katharina Marx is now the Creative Director responsible for HGB’s creative performance, and Jenny Beyer can now call herself Junior Art Director. Well done and well deserved, both of you!

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Well prepared

Markets, industries, and companies: Some areas of the economic environment are currently evolving at breakneck speed – and we are also feeling these changes in our own business. This is evident when looking at the development of sustainability reporting, which is becoming increasingly complex and ever more important for our business. We are expanding our knowledge and range of services to ensure that we deliver excellent reporting in this area as well.

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Highly motivated into the new season

For most people it gets noticeably cooler in the fall, but at HGB, this is when the hot phase begins! We have started the new reporting season – as always with heart and soul and highly motivated – and are looking forward to taking on some exciting challenges from our customers. We are pleased to welcome several of them on board for the first time. Where is the journey heading? A look at the projects shows: Sustainability ranks high on the agenda.

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25 years on the move

“Never! I will never stay at one company for 25 years!!!” Oh how easily we can deceive ourselves, dear Christa Eickmeyer: Congratulations on your anniversary and on an eventful, extremely successful quarter of a century at HGB! Her career at the agency is filled to the brim with stories and experiences, and a host of wide-ranging tasks and encounters. For Christa, the focus has always been on teamwork and collaborating with customers, employees and business partners.

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And the award goes to…

15 times a report from HGB stands at the end of this sentence. Our customers were big winners at the ARC Awards – the “Oscar” for corporate reports. The 2021 annual reports won 1 time in the highest category, shining furthermore in Gold (4 times), Silver (4 times) and Bronze (3 times), in addition to 3 Honors awards. We congratulate our customers on this great success!

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Here’s to good cooperation!

Global player with a long tradition and exciting plans for the future: We welcome our new client Salzgitter AG and are pleased to be able to support the listed steel group with its annual report, non-financial statement and a magazine. To kick off the collaboration, we had a very impressive meeting in Salzgitter.

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Our new website gets to the heart

Boom! Bam! – there’s not much more to be said. We have relaunched our website with our “reporting heart” going boom for everything that we do. And our powerful, edgy design conveying strong content goes bam. Our expertise makes us courageous and our experience makes us dare to always try something new. This is the spirit of this relaunch.

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HGB provides vocational training

We are delighted to welcome our first trainee on board: Wiebke Meyer started her vocational training on 1st August. After successfully passing her Abitur (German A-levels), Wiebke is now starting her vocational training as Medienkauffrau Print und Digital at HGB.

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HGB reporting compass

PDF, print or online? Integrated or combined? Gender sensitive language – yes or no? Who reports in what form and with what focus? Where are we heading in the ever more important field of sustainability reporting? To find the answers, we have taken a closer look at the annual reports of the 160 S-DAX, M-DAX and DAX40 companies. Our comprehensive reporting analysis once again shows the latest trends in the reporting world!

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Sustainability starts with ourselves

HGB receives EcoVadis certification for the first time in January 2022 and immediately gains silver medal. This ranks HGB in the top 25% of the “management consultancy” sector.

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New addition to the HGB team

Dorothee Grün joined the company on 1st of May and supports our activities as a project manager.

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